Responsibilities & Duties

The key responsibility of the County Administrator is to support the Board by overseeing the following duties:

  • Coordinate Board meetings, work sessions, and presentations that require three or more Supervisors
  • Meets regularly with the Board of Supervisors and has full privileges of discussion but no vote
  • See that all orders, resolutions, and regulations of the Board of Supervisors are faithfully executed
  • Make reports to the Board concerning the affairs of the County and keep the Board fully advised as to the financial condition of the County and future financial needs
  • Advise the Board as to the possible availability of federal or state grants and assistance for which the County may be eligible and is the administrating officer of grants obtained by the County
  • Preparation of the budget and tax levy for consideration by the Board
  • Employ an office clerk and such other technical and secretarial assistance for the Board
  • Has authority to make inquiry and report findings to the Board of any person or group using County funds appropriated by the Board of Supervisors
  • Receive inquiries and complaints from citizens of the County, investigates such inquiries and complaints, and reports any findings to the Board
  • Do all other administrative duties that the Board of Supervisors could legally do themselves and that they can legally delegate without violating the laws of the state nor impinging upon the duties set out by law for other officers
  • Employ and supervise department heads and employees according to the County's personnel policies and procedures and promote a safe work environment.
  • Oversee the daily operations of the County and its departments
  • Have general supervision over County parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, airports, zoning, buildings codes, etc.
  • Secure insurance coverage for the County and insures minimum premiums
  • Legislative relations

Agenda Requests

We now accept requests to be placed on an upcoming Board meeting agenda online through the Agenda Item Request Form or you can call this office for more information and to submit requests by phone.