When are delinquent taxes auctioned off at the Tax Sale?

If your property taxes are unpaid by the Friday before the last Monday in August, then the unpaid taxes on real property are auctioned off to the highest bidder at the tax sale. If no bids are received, then the property is sent to the Mississippi Secretary of State for future sale. It then becomes the duty of the Chancery Clerk to collect all delinquent years' taxes before the current year's taxes can be paid in the Tax office. All delinquent taxes must be paid in full in the Chancery Clerk's office. We cannot accept installments. We accept cash, debit/credit card payments, money orders and certified bank checks payable to Pearl River County Chancery Clerk. No personal checks are accepted in the redemption of back taxes.

Individuals have two years from the date of the tax sale to redeem their property. If not redeemed before the two-year time period, the property matures to the individual who purchased it at the tax sale, or to the State of Mississippi if no one purchased the property at the tax sale.

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